A Complete Guide on How to Use A Facebook Poll for Your Business

Facebook Poll

If you want to get more interaction from your audience, a Facebook poll can do the trick.
People love it when their voices are being heard, especially by brands they follow. It makes them feel appreciated and valued.
On the other hand, these online polls can help your business to know more about your customers – what they actually want and expect from your brand.
One of the best ways to do that is by creating an online survey on the giant social media platform Facebook.

We all know that Facebook has billions of users globally, and your target audience is surely somewhere in between those numbers.
So if you want to know more about this particular Facebook feature, you’re in for a treat as we will discuss what a Facebook poll is and how you can use it for your business.
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What is a Facebook Poll?

A Facebook poll is a free feature wherein you can ask a question and then give answers in a multiple-choice format for your audience to choose from.
It can be used by anyone as long as they have a Facebook account.
Once published, your audience can then choose the answer they like or give their own answers if you’ve given them that option.
You can also put a deadline on your poll. For instance, if you only want it to run for a day, a week, or for a custom number of days, you can do so.
Once the poll is over, the results will be tallied and your audience will be able to see how many people voted for each of the options and its equivalent percentage.
But before you dive in and create your first Facebook poll, here’s an update that you should know about this Facebook free feature.

Facebook Poll Gone: Did Facebook Remove Polls?

Facebook polls are still very much alive and kicking.
However, Facebook no longer allows its users to create polls on their personal feeds or timeline. But as a business, you can still create one and publish it on a:
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Facebook Business Page,
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Facebook Messenger.
Back in 2019, Facebook discontinued the poll feature for personal users to create their own news feed or timeline.
Although some users were not happy with the update, it has become more advantageous, especially for businesses that want to gather more data and consumer feedback.
They now have the option to use survey tools and some more third-party applications.

What are the other things you can get from using a Facebook poll for your business?

Benefits of Facebook Polls

1. Find Out More About Your Audience’s Preferences and Opinion

Any product or service you have should revolve around your audience. It should be something that they would actually want to buy or use.
You should also take the time to find out the things that might stop them from purchasing your product or getting your services.
What better way to do this than by polling and asking them yourself?
Create a Facebook poll and ask questions to know more about your audience’s point of view.
Once you know how your audience feels about certain things about your product or service, you can then adjust, optimize, and leverage this newfound data into your marketing strategy.

2. Boost Your Audience Engagement

Looking to increase your audience’s engagement on this social network? You should try running a Facebook poll!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, people love it when their opinions are being heard and valued by the brands they follow.
This is a basic human psychology that you can use to your advantage.
These polls can be your customer touchpoints – something that will connect your business with your potential customers.

By using interactive content like Facebook polls, you can encourage your target audience to interact and engage with your Facebook page or group.
And with this, you can also establish your business as a brand that they can relate to and share opinions with.

3. Increase Your Organic Views

We all know how organic Facebook reach has declined over the years, and it’s now harder for your followers to see your regular Facebook posts.
But with consistent engagement and interactions with your followers, which you can get from running a Facebook poll post…
…the Facebook algorithm will favor you and therefore, show your content to your fans more frequently.

4. Easily Launch and Run Polls

When you start an offline survey campaign, there are a lot of factors you need to consider before getting started to actually get decent results.

What will be the design of the survey that you will print out? Who will give them away?
And in which locations? Do you need to get a permit to give out surveys in a certain place?
These and more are just some of the things that you need to take care of when you opt to run an offline survey campaign.

But with Facebook polls, you only need your Facebook Business page or group. No fuss on your part.

5. Get Real-time Results

One of the biggest disadvantages of an offline poll is that you need to spend time and effort counting the votes and evaluating the percentage of each vote.
It could take several hours to days before you determine the results. Not to mention, the accuracy of these votes will depend on the person counting them.
But with an online survey like a Facebook poll, the results are instantaneous.

It gives you immediate results as to how many votes an answer has received and the percentage of people who have voted for that particular answer.

The faster you get this data, the sooner you can adjust your current social media campaign and future marketing strategy.

Different Types of Facebook Polls

Now that you know the benefits of using a Facebook poll for your business, let’s discuss the different types of Facebook polls you can choose from.

1. Facebook Business Page Polls

facebook poll

If you have a Facebook business page, then you can create a Facebook poll and let your followers vote.
Note that only your page admins and editors can run Facebook polls for your Facebook page.

2. Facebook Group Polls

facebook poll

If you have a Facebook Group, these Facebook polls can help you establish a good connection with your members.

This is especially true if you have a huge base of members, you can entice more of them to participate…
…thus helping you build a Facebook community of potential customers for your business.

And if you want to learn more tips on how to use Facebook Groups for small businesses, then check out this post next.

3. Facebook Story Polls

If you are a fan of using Stories as part of your Facebook marketing strategy, then you should definitely try creating a Facebook Story poll.
We know that Stories are only available for 24-hour and users are more likely to see this placement compared to your regular feed posts.
So this is a great way to attract attention and entice your followers to interact with your brand.

4. Facebook Messenger Polls

facebook messenger poll

Running Facebook Messenger polls will help you gather feedback from your followers, existing customers, and potential buyers about your products and services.

You can also send these polls to your group chats if you have one for your brand.

5. Facebook Video Polls

facebook video poll

We all know how powerful videos are when it comes to marketing a small business on social media.

People love watching videos on whatever platform they’re using – Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. They just can’t get enough of this type of content.

That’s why using Facebook Video polls is recommended for capturing the attention of your target audience, especially in a heavy-image feed like Facebook.

How Do You Find Your Poll on Facebook: Steps to Create a Facebook Poll

A. Steps on Creating a Facebook Poll Using Facebook Mobile App

Step 1: On the upper right side of Facebook, tap your profile picture.
Step 2: Tap Pages to choose the Page you want to publish your poll too.
Step 3: Tap + sign located at the top then tap Create a post.
Step 4: Scroll down and then tap Poll.
Step 5: Type in your question. After you typed that in, put in the boxes with “Option 1” and “Option 2” the choices for your poll.
Each of these answer options has a maximum number of 25 characters.
Step 6: In the Poll Ends section, choose from the dropdown list your preferred end date (1 day, 1 week, Custom).

Step 7: Finally, tap the Share button.

B. Steps on Creating a Facebook Poll on Facebook Groups

Step 1: Go to the Facebook Group you want to publish your poll to and then click Create Public Post

Step 2: Once the Create Post box appears, click the More button.

Step 3: Click on Poll, then type your question as well as the answers to choose from.

Step 4: Lastly, click Add to Your Post to publish your poll in the Group.

C. Steps on Creating a Facebook Poll on Facebook Story

Step 1: Go to your Facebook business page (or profile) and then tap Add to Story.

Step 2: Once you’re in the Create Story section, you’ll see features you can use such as Selfies, Boomerangs, Text, and Polls. Click Polls.

Step 3: Type in your question and the answers to choose from.

Step 4: After that, click Share to Story for your followers to see your poll.

But before you start creating your first poll and hit that post button, here are some tips and best practices you can use to maximize your results.

Tips & Best Practices in Creating a Facebook Poll

1. Experiment with different types of polls

Don’t stick to one type of poll.

Try to experiment with different polls and see which ones generate the most engagement from your followers and members.

Facebook also has an option that lets you add images and GIFs to your Facebook polls to better capture the attention of Facebook users.

2. Come up and ask the right questions

Don’t waste the engagement you’ll get from your poll by asking irrelevant questions.

Instead, come up with the right questions that will generate useful data to help with your market research.

For instance, if you want to offer a new facial product for your beauty brand, you can ask questions such as:

What does your facial skincare routine look like?

What facial skin problems do you often get?

What is your primary concern when it comes to buying facial products?

You can then use the results you’ll get from this poll to plan out your next move in developing this new facial product.

3. Use a Bit of Controversy

When we say “a bit of controversy”, we don’t mean to indulge in politics, race, or any other sensitive topics that are irrelevant to your business.

What we mean by this is to stir up engagement by running your Facebook poll around two different biases related to your industry.

Let’s use the facial product example above.
You can ask users “which one is better for acne treatment”, then put salicylic acid and tea tree oil as the options.
Your followers would surely love to participate in this poll and vote for their favorite.
This may even give you a lot of comments and shares since a lot of people have strong opinions on these choices.

Final Takeaways

One of the great things about today’s digital era is the fact that we can now do things easier and faster but still get good results.
Take a Facebook poll as an example.
Traditionally, you would need to manually print out, spend hours giving away your survey, and then one by one tallying the votes.
But with social media polls like Facebook polls, you wouldn’t need to do any of that. And the best part? The results are real-time and accurate.
So if you’re looking for something new and effective to add to your Facebook marketing strategy, running a Facebook poll is the answer.

Now if you need more help with your Facebook marketing or social media marketing in general, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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