Power of Instagram: How to Use Visual Storytelling to Grow Business 

Power of Instagram

In today’s world, social media occupies a pivotal position when it comes to creating awareness for your brand in the virtual world. Gone are the days when you could attract your customers with long articles and posts. But not anymore. People today hardly have enough time to spare to go through your long content pieces. It is at this juncture that one can view the rise of visual storytelling as key in turning around the online markets!  

Most companies worldwide, including the escape room businesses like the escape game San Francisco and even home-grown cosmetics brands are relying on it today. The basic idea behind this revolutionary concept lies in using powerful and impactful visuals in communicating your brand message to your users effectively. Using compelling visuals like images, infographics, videos, podcasts, and real-time live video sessions can help prospective brands to integrally connect with users.  

In this article, we have compiled some of the most beneficial ways to use the power of visual storytelling to attract an audience via Instagram. So, check it out:  

  1. Attracting new leads.  

Leveraging the power of attractive visuals can help prospective brands to grab the attention of users on the web. Instagram is popularly regarded as a social media platform based on the sharing of high-quality visuals. Consequently, you can generate and use impressive images and captivating videos on your brand’s Instagram feed to lure and engage with customers on the web.  

Using visuals will help you to easily connect with your users on a more emotional and intimate level. Given that people tend to remember what they see much rather than what they read or hear, curating compelling visuals can help you make a mark in the minds of your users. Thus, using captivating visuals will facilitate you to ensure that your users remember your brand.  

  1. Sneak peek into your history. 

Informing your users about the enriching history of your brand can serve as a fruitful way to capture their attention. For this, you can use a photo from your archives that will tell the story of your brand’s past.

The story may be about how your products and services were procured initially or maybe about what inspired you to begin such a brand. Using infographics and captivating visuals from your archive will help you grab the attention of your viewers as they will get to learn something about your brand. 

  1. Maintain your visuals in line with your brand image. 

One of the foremost strategies you need to rely on while curating your posts on Instagram is to ensure they are in line with your brand’s image. However, it does not necessarily mean that you need to use colors and make each photo as vibrant as ever.

Instead, what you need to do is ensure you click and edit your visuals in a similar fashion throughout your profile. You can filter and edit your visuals based on your target audience. For instance, in case your brand is geared towards parents and children, you can use vibrant and more lively colors to edit your visuals.

The next most vital step is to work on your captions. In case yours is a tour and travel magazine, you can use long and informative captions on your visuals to give your viewers a sense of flipping through magazines. On the other hand, clothing brands may use short and crisp captions. By using this, they can offer viewers only the necessary information regarding a certain product without boring them with unnecessary content.

  1. Showcasing employees at work. 

The world today has been wrecked by the long tussle in the search for talented workers. Many brands worldwide have adopted a judicious strategy of utilizing Instagram as a platform to showcase their employees.

Companies tend to focus on showcasing the fresh faces that they have newly recruited on their team, while also sharing sneak peeks of all the fun they have at work. In this way, viewers can get a glance of the faces who are working behind the given brand. It allows businesses to put a human face behind the sole brand icon. Your viewers will usually find it interesting to gain such deep insights into your brand! Now these are some of the many ways you can use visual storytelling on Instagram to captivate your viewers and engage integrally with your audience. Today, almost every business including escape room companies and home-grown brands, has realized the vitality of engaging with your audience, so it is high time for you to start working on it. So, go ahead and try out these tactics for your brand and grow your audience engagement on Instagram over time! 

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