What Is Seo? Why SEO Is Important For Your Company?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means optimizing your website. content, keywords, and links to show your page on google and google provide you ranking. It is very useful for businesses to digitalize their product and services which is the process of getting traffic to your website and engaging people. It is easy to find people who are interested in your products and services. Once your website ranking on google then people know about your product brand and services and then your website is popular everywhere. If you want your website famous then you should start SEO
Two types of main SEO

On-page SEO – It is very important to optimize your website through on-page

On page factors
1 Keyword Research – Firstly you need to find relevant keywords to optimize a website. Keywords should be chosen correctly it will help to engage the right audience. The keyword should be long tale it is very effective for websites. Keywords search results are always high but competition is low. If you choose high competition keywords then your website will not rank earlier.

2 URL Optimisation – URLs should be short, not different from the topic. These types of URLs should be avoided URLs must be related to keywords. Using keywords in URLs will definitely give you a ranking on google. For website purposes, the URL structure should be using two or more keywords.

3 Meta title and description – It is the specific title of the web page. It is displayed on google if you have a ranking on this page. The meta title should be 55 to 60 characters. It should be relevant to the topic and include keywords related to the website. The meta description should be short and specific information about the webpage. or to convince the audience that the information is providing you is correct. and which keywords are you targeting these should be included in the meta description It should be 155 to 160 characters.

4 Content optimization – For on-page purposes content is most important and should be relevant to the website. Content should have keywords on all pages of the website, and it should be unique not copied content. If your content is fully optimized then the website will a get ranking on Search engines

5 Image optimization – Image size should be no more than 1 MB. All the photos on the website should be alt text. It will get a ranking on google

Off-Page SEO – It means linking to your website on a different site. Linking provide you organic traffic to the website but it takes time 3 to 4 months to get a ranking. You can make a backlink through Social bookmarking, forums, Comments, Article submission, blog submission, directory submission, guest posting, image submission, and 2.0 website If you are doing these backlinking properly then your website will show on google


It is important for your website because SEO makes your website visible to customers who really find you to purchase something or services. Some important points related to SEO

  1. Organic search results on your website – It is like non-paid traffic. It is important for all websites. Organic traffic provides the best performance to your website. It is important to you to improve your organic traffic day by day for your website.

2 Build trust – Customer Trust is important to all websites. If you are doing SEO on your website then Your website provides a ranking. If the customer purchases something then they will click your website. So it this important you have rank on google

3 Long-term strategy – If your website provides a ranking then it is visible for the long term for customers but if you will keep doing work off-page Then the website will stay in rank.

4 Very cheap – Seo is very cheap. It gives you the best result after 3 to 4 months. All website needs SEO So you can contact a Good and experienced SEO expert to do SEO for your website.

By Mansi Gupta

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